Club Info

Arizona Dock dogs was founded in the fall of 2009.  The base membership is comprised of agility, obedience and dock diving competitors.  We are the local affiliate group for the national Dock Dogs organization.  This club was formed to promote the exciting world of Dock Diving in Arizona.  We live in a state where water sports are almost  year round entertainment and what is more fun then playing with your dogs in the pool.  This sport gives dogs and handlers the opportunity to play in the water and have fun!!

This club is made up of some very skilled handlers, educated in all areas of canine training.

Arizona DockDogs welcomes canine owners, regardless of the breed or size to join in  club activities.  If you are interested in joining Arizona DockDogs , please click here and fill out the membership application.

Meet the Board

Whitney Lightner, President

Whitney has been involved in Canine sports for almost 20 years. She began her training in basic obedience and behaviors. In 1993 Whitney discovered Dog Agility and has never looked back! She became a founding member of the largest agility club in Arizona and currently teaches privately from her home. Then in 2006, she discovered Dock Diving with her very exuberant border collie, Aero. He was already a successful agility dog and was ready to try any kind of water sport. His first jump ever landed him at 11+ feet and he continues to excel in the sport. He is currently competing in the Dock Dogs Senior division with a personal best of 19’6”, striving to break that 20’goal! Whitney also has her young dog coming up in both sports and Saber is currently competing in the Junior division, just getting his big boy muscle in! Whitney is continuing to compete in multiple sports with her dogs and stays very active in the local canine community.


ArizonaDockDogs-10Cortney Adams, Practice and Training Coach

Cortney has had dogs all her life and has always trained her dogs in basic obedience with just recently raising a service dog for a not-for-profit foundation. With the addition to her life, a very active Labrador (Ouzo), it became apparent that a dog activity was required which led to agility training and are now competing with a couple trials under their belt.

They can proudly claim several Qs in their second USDAA trial. At about the same time, she discovered dock diving. As everyone knows Labradors are the #1 dog for this sport and Ouzo is no exception. He loves jumping and has several titles for Dock Dogs. Ouzo is now 6 years old and through hard work has acheived his Senior title in Big Air.   She has recently added a third dog to her dock diving family, Whiskey, who is a Belgian Malinois.  He is proving to be a true competitor by reaching 8′ in Extreme Veritcal by the age of 16 months.

Shannon Katt, Treasurer

Shannon is an animal lover who has always had dogs as part of her family and who considers her dogs her children. Never venturing past standard obedience training in the past, she first sought out Dock Dogs hoping to add to the socialization of her somewhat timid yellow lab, Lucy. Lucy, already a great swimmer, took to the dock with enthusiasm and now they compete as often as possible. Away from the dock Shannon travels extensively for her job, and golfs as often as she can manage to get to the course.


Lad and dashLeighton Dimler, Event Coordinator

Leighton has had a variety of dogs all his life; he always watched his wife, Lois, who showed in obedience with Paige, a mix breed, and herding with Kate, a cattle dog.  All that changed when they learned about Arizona Dock Dogs.  Leighton started training his crazy for jumping Golden Retriever, Dash, in April 2013.  Since then, Leighton and Dash have earned the Big Air junior title with Dock Dogs.  This summer they plan to work on getting into the senior division, also Speed Retrieve and Extreme Vertical.


Cynthia HamiltonCynthia Hamilton, Social Networking

Cynthia’s dog sports participation started in 2008, with two very rambunctious Boston Terriers, who excelled in flyball.  When she found Wrigley, (a Boston Terrier/Border Collie rescue), she swiftly added her to the flyball team, and has since earned lots of titles.  But, Wrigley needed more than one sport to keep her busy and in 2010, they stumbled upon dock diving. Since then, Wrigley has taken the sport by storm, and is one of the top lap dogs in the country.  She is not only jumping in Big Air, but also jumps in Speed Retrieve, and is training for Extreme Vertical, with the hope of becoming a Lap Dog/Iron Dog. Cynthia has quickly taken to helping other dogs train in the sport, and she is a valuable addition to the board.

Kim and indyKimberly Lindenmeyer, Merchandise and Awards Chair

Kim has been an animal lover all her life. She has owned Golden Retrievers or rather they have owned her for 20 years. Kim’s dogs are her family and anyone that knows her says when they go, they want to come back as one of Kim’s dogs. For the first 17 years of having dogs, Kim has always had rescues. But after her Therapy Certified Dog, Jake, past in 2011, Kim decided to look into getting a dog from a reputable breeder. Along came Indy aka Legacy’s National Treasure. Indy and Kim met when he was three weeks old. Indy also has a sister named Aspen and they are housemates. The three of them do many things together. As a rescue, Aspen had a rough start life and was abused when she was a puppy but has come leaps and bounds since then.  Indy and Kim have only been competing for a little over a year but in that first year they earned a Big Air Junior title and an invitation to the Dock Dog World Championships. Kim wanted to become more involved in Dock Dogs because of the love of the sport for all three of them and because of the people. What better way than to become a Board Member! So far Indy’s personal best Jump is 16’6”. In 2014, they want to work on form and technique. Kim figures with Indy’s enthusiasm in the sport and the fact that he wants to please only great things will come.

AZDD PhotoLauren Passmore, Secretary

Lauren has been raised around dogs her whole life. She has grown up with Australian Shepherds and has shown them in confirmation since she was 3. She has worked a little in obedience but hasn’t been competitive in any other sport. Lauren and her husband, Frank, stumbled into DockDogs in May 2012. One jump of her then 6 month old Aussie, Axel, and they were hooked. Even though she does not compete herself, she is very passionate in the sport and is waiting till she can compete with a future puppy.